Governance has changed, and you?

A strategic direction is essential to achieve business goals and for continuous growth. By integrating talents and skills suited to the specific needs of organizations, eXcellentia stands out for its ability to support customers in solving complex problems, either operational or strategic. 

We are focused on the main drivers of change: strategies, extraordinary finance, organizational processes and models, technological platforms, risk management and 'change management'. 

We provide clients with a truly unique heritage of knowledge and experience to improve their performance, prevent and optimize risks, and support growth and restructuring processes. 

We are the reference advisor of SMEs and start-ups and we offer an integrated know-how on issues such as regulatory compliance, risk consulting, operations and M&A.

Every day the market chooses us and gives us confidence in our standards of excellence, passion and quality.


Our strategic, functional and technological skills allow us to support companies in managing change. We partner with companies in order to achieve concrete and measurable results. 

Today, companies are facing a 'sustainable management of change'. To transform business processes with a logic of sustainability of business performance, an integrated view of the company and its main variables is needed: people, processes and technologies. Above all, a balance is needed between technological innovation and reliability requirements. 

Our 'Deal Advisory' service brings in experts who help companies creating value, assessing the risks and seizing the opportunities of extraordinary finance operations: acquisitions, mergers, contributions, demergers, industrial and financial restructuring, redefinition of corporate strategies. These are very complex operations that take place in delicate phases for the continuity and development of the company: growth, investment and turnaround projects. 

Our strengths are technical specialization, multidisciplinary know-how, deep knowledge of national and international markets. In the 'Restructuring' processes, eXcellentia supports companies in debt restructuring and industrial restructuring processes with financial advisory and / or support services in the development of industrial plans that allow them to stabilize the business and introduce change in a sustainable way. We help companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cash and working capital management processes.

Thanks to a systemic vision, we have the right skills to help organizations reaching their business goals through transformation.

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