From the definition of the strategy and of an in-depth commercial due diligence, up to the closing of a deal and the management of the integration program.

eXcellentia is by your side, from the beginning to the end of the process.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Grasping opportunities does not only depend on developing the right strategic vision, but also on carrying it out with agility and speed. At eXcellentia, we provide the client with the right perspective to do both and determine when a deal can help accelerate your vision.

We develop a holistic and integrated bidding strategy for each sector. From assessing the potential impact of changes, to supporting complex negotiations, we help you discover opportunities to acquire more value while keeping you on track to achieve your strategic goals.

Business Due Diligence

eXcellentia provides clients  with 'due diligence' services which allow to collect, analyze and interpret financial, tax, commercial and legal information made available by the target, providing an analysis support on past, current and prospective profitability trends. 

We develop strategic and commercial analyzes of the sector and of the target company. The critical aspects, the possible synergies and the actions to be implemented to positively govern the post-deal integration process are identified.


We support companies in debt restructuring and industrial restructuring processes with financial restructuring and / or support services in the development of business plans that allow them to stabilize the business and introduce change in a sustainable way. 

We help companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cash and working capital management processes.

Hot issues

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