eXcellentia is a consulting company that operates in professional business services. 

L’obiettivo di eXcellentia è quello di trasformare la conoscenza in valore per i clienti e per le comunità attraverso una vasta gamma di servizi multidisciplinari erogati secondo standard d’eccellenza: Consulenza Privacy e GDPR, Modelli di Gestione 231/01, Risk Consulting and Assessment, Deal Advisory, Management Consulting, Legal. 

One of the strengths of eXcellentia is the continuous pursuit of excellence and professional quality. We continuously invest in the professional development of our people in order to achieve our primary goal: make companies understand the importance of being a compiler .


Build trust and solve important problems

In an increasingly complex reality, we help organizations function, adapt and evolve so that they can be of real benefit to society and the community.

We help our clients make informed decisions and operate effectively in this environment.

In a world that evolves and changes in an often unpredictable and fast way, having a clear purpose helps us to be consistent and allows us to have greater impact both as an organization and as a professional.

eXcellentia has always played an important role in guiding its customers within complex systems.

This is what we do every day, in our teams, with motivation and passion.


In eXcellentia we are all united by these values and behaviors.

They contain our aspirations and expectations, they guide us in our daily actions, in our choices and in how we act with clients and colleagues.

They help us do our best. 

Acting with integrity

  • stand up for what is right;
  • ensuring high standards;
  • making decisions as if your personal reputation is at stake.

Make the difference

  • be informed of what is happening in the world and its implications for businesses;
  • work with clients, colleagues and partners in such a way that our actions have a significant impact;
  • react to changes effectively.

Work in tem

  • collaborate and share relationships, ideas and knowledge;
  • seek new points of view and integrate them with their own;
  • ask and give feedback to improve.

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